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On Sundays and Mondays, the Delta and many other Mississippi towns can offer a sleek selection of unique restaurants. The only problem is the locally owned restaurants and restaurants you can eat in Yazoo, which is just a few miles north of the Mississippi River and a short drive from Jackson.

One thing is for sure: In Vicksburg, with seven museums in the city, you'll surely find at least one you want to explore. The museums are quirky and fun to learn about local history.

Several military companies were in regular service with the Confederate States during the Civil War. Picture history of Yazoo County, Mississippi, covered by old and new, old versus new. The exhibits include photographs, maps and other artifacts from the history of the county, as well as photographs and photographs of people and events on site.

If you are looking for a city or city located 50 miles east of Yazoo City, you would filter by city, city or county. If you need a city 50 miles south of it, filter the value table and export the resulting "Yazoo City" to CSV. This shows the number of surrounding towns in the district as well as the number of inhabitants of the town and the village.

If you have children, you can visit the Mississippi River Highway Museum in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Explore the River and Highway Exhibition to learn more about water transport on the Mississippi and connect with the many families that live along the river and its many rivers and coastal communities.

New to Jackson is the museum itself, which focuses on the years 1945-1976, when Mississippi was home to the Mississippi State Legislature, and its history. This converted modern museum tells the story of Yazooan's former governor and much more, including memorabilia collected during his time in office and donated by his family and friends.

There are a lot of things to do in Yazoo, so be aware when planning your own road trip in the Mississippi Delta. There are restaurants and museums dedicated to the Delta's history, and there are many great attractions to brag about, such as the Mississippi State Museum, Jackson Museum of Natural History, and the State Library of Mississippi. But there is also the surrounding city of Jackson, Mississippi's second-largest city, with a population of about 1.5 million people. It is just a short drive from Jackson, where a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and other attractions are located on the famous Highway 61.

When we spent 36 hours in Vicksburg, Mississippi, we visited a military park, visited historic houses, listened to blues, enjoyed good food and visited military parks. We stocked up on blues albums and books about the Delta, including Stolleas' Hidden History of the Mississippi Blues.

On the second leg of our trip, we traveled to historic Natchez, Mississippi, where we toured all four of the city's major precincts. Part 3 was a drive on the Mississippi Backroad from Natchesz to Vicksburg, where I visited a ghost town, walked through the cinematic ruins of Windsor and ate the best fried chicken in the world.

The casino is located right on the river and is a great place to watch the famous sunsets in the Mississippi Delta. Minutes from the casino, the museum offers a fascinating view of the history of the Mississippi and its riverside seaside resort.

At this point, you think your road trip through the Mississippi Delta is all about blues and nothing else. Then you move into the rolling hills of the Mississippi River Valley, a beautiful place with its beautiful scenery. The Mississippi Delta is a relaxed, modest destination, but it also hosts some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the Mississippi.

The area, which is now called Yazoo County, was acquired by the Choctaw Indians in the 1820s from the state of Mississippi. Vicksburg was built on one of the many bends of the Mississippi, and the downtown area is located on the Yazoos River. The historic YazOO City district, which runs through the city and offers a variety of restaurants, shops, hotels, restaurants and other shops along the river and its banks.

A great way to see the historic properties of the city of Yazoo is by walking or driving - through the city. Visit and explore some of the city's amazing historical treasures, including an Antebellum House built in 1858 and the YazOO City Museum. Not far from Greenville and Leland is the Highway 61 Blues Museum, which is filled with photos, art, instruments and artifacts documenting the blues. A 10-minute drive from downtown and a short walk or drive down the Mississippi River, guests will find a variety of restaurants, shops, hotels, restaurants and other shops along the river and its banks.

You can spend a few hours in the shops and visit the Blue Marker Outlets, but if you don't have them yet, you can also visit the Lower Mississippi River Museum to learn about the Mississippi's great history through a variety of interactive exhibits. This museum gem is just one memorable part of any Mississippi road trip, and if you're traveling with mom, it costs just $5. On an exciting afternoon, the whole family will enjoy a visit to the YazOO City Museum and a great opportunity to experience a drive along the Mississippi Delta.

More About Yazoo City

More About Yazoo City